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Simple Staging Tips

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If you are just listing your property for sale, or even if it's been on the market for a while, consider the following simple tips to make your property present in its best light:

  1. Paint:  Freshen and Neutralize. If you have any walls painted with bold colors, consider repainting them in neutral tones.  Bold colors are not widely appealing, and can distract the buyer from considering your property as a contender.  If your walls are already a neutral color, go through your house with an objective eye, and retouch any areas that may be scuffed or worn.  One often overlooked area for paint is your stair risers.  A fresh coat of paint on your risers makes a big impression.  Same goes for trim around your doors, especially near the door knobs.
  2. Depersonalize: Pack away your family photos. You'd be surprised how often buyers spend time looking at your photos instead of looking at your house.  Eliminate any photos or highly personal objects that draw too much attention.  The idea is for the buyer to picture him/her self in the space, not to get to know your family.  In general, de-cluttering your home gives the impression of increased space.
  3. Bedding and Slip Covers:  A little goes a long way. We get so used to our own furniture and bedding, that we may not realize that it is starting to look worn.  A simple an inexpensive way to freshen your furniture is to cover couches or chairs with a simple slip cover - buy neutral colors and fabrics.  Also, consider a new duvet cover for your beds.  Crisp linens make a positive impression.
  4. Lighting:  Make sure buyers can see your house.  Make sure you have ample and well-placed lamps throughout your house.  Table and floor lamps offer a warmer light than overheads.  Even during daytime showings, lamps make your home feel inviting.
  5. Curb Appeal:  First impressions are lasting. Grab a friend and ask for advice.  Stand outside your house and approach the front door together.  Have your friend share with you any negative impressions.  Is there a rip in the screen door?  Is a brick loose on your front stoop?  Is there a garden bed that is overrun with weeds?  Often times, we become blind to our own deferred repairs, and a fresh set of eyes can set you straight.  You don't want a buyer to be mentally starting a repair list before they have even set foot in your home.

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